HORR Saturday 21st March and Vets HORR Sunday 22nd March 2009.

For the first time ever the Junior Squad entered the Head of the River Race (HORR). As Maidstone's second eight they started 219th on Saturday 21st March racing in the Senior 2 category. The event saw over 500 eights race from Mortlake to Putney on the River Thames and was the first time many of the crew had rowed the event. Over the four and a quarter mile course the crew over took 7 boats and caught another two. The crew came 40th overall in a time of 18:38.65 behind some of the worlds best athletes including those back from Beijing. The junior crew finished in the highest place the club has ever achieved and were the highest placed junior crew in the event. Well done to the whole crew and thanks to the parents and coaches who supported the crew during the day.

HORR Crew MIRC II (Bow to Stroke):-Sam Blackwell, Ben Farrar, Morgan Hellen, James Crumpton, Alex Torbica, Will Tew, Josh Pendry, Craig Turner, Cox - Ross Porter.

The senior men also entered a crew and came a respectable 213th with a time of 19:45.75.

HORR crew MIRC I (Bow to stroke) Cox:  Alastair Cooper,  Geraint Evans, James Knight, Stephen Slade, Mark Tomkins, William Purnell, Rich Ridgway, Guy Sticklee, Cox- Sue Mobbs.

On the Sunday, Maidstone Invicta were back up on the Thames again for the Vets Head of River Race. This time they entered 4 eights, 3 Mens crew and a women’s crew. With over 170 boats entering into the race our Vet A mens (6 + the cox had raced the previous day in the senior mens HORR) crew crossed the line in a time of 20:59.15, the 36th fastest time of the day, followed by our Vet D crew with a time of 22:03.26, Vet C,D,E Novice crew came home in a time of 23:09.08 and not far behind them was our women’s Vet B, with a time of 23:14.26.

Kate Beaumont and Laura Johnson

Womens Eights Head of the River Race. Saturday 7th March 2009.

The weekend of Saturday 7th March, Maidstone Invicta Rowing Club (MIRC) entered a Womens eight into the Womens Eight Head of River Race (WEHORR). The crew consisted of (from bow)  Jo Sticklee, Katie Martin, Diane Hargan,  Anne Salmon, Claire Torbica, Liz Bennett, Kate Povall, Liz Macham cox Sue Mobbs. This race takes place on the Thames, from Mortlake to Putney, a  distance of 4 miles 374 yards and is the reverse course of the Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Race.

The MIRC ladies, were crew number 219 and they completed the course in  21min 37 seconds, coming in146th out of 300 eights entered.

WEHORR is a favoured event, with crews coming from all over Europe to compete and also includes international rowers competing for their clubs.

This weekend (Saturday 21st from 11:15am), is the mens turn to compete in the Head of River Race (HORR), which has over 400 entries. MIRC are entering 2 eight for this race, a Senior mens crew and a Junior crew. Then on the Sunday (22nd from 12:00pm) MIRC are entering 4 eights into the Vets head of River, one womens crew  and 3 mens crews. Some of the Men who are participating in the Vets Head will have raced the day before. Both HORR and the Vets Head are taking the same course as WEHORR

Laura Johnson