2011 Head of the River and Vesta Veteran Head of the River Draws

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Medway Head Draw

The Medway Championship Head
2011 Draw

Start Order
Club Name
Crew Name
Maidstone Invicta (MAV)
Maidstone Invicta (MAV)
Globe (GLB)
Medway Towns RC (MED)

Maidstone Invicta (MAV)
Bewl Bridge (BEB)
Maidstone Invicta (MAV)
Vet Novice
Kings school Canterbury/UKC
Maidstone Invicta (MAV)
Medway Towns RC (MED)
Medway Towns RC (MED)
Globe (GLB)

Medway Towns RC (MED)
Medway Towns RC (MED)
Medway Towns RC (MED)
Gravesend RC (GRV)
Gravesend RC (GRV)

Hern Bay
Hern Bay

Hern Bay
Hern Bay

Globe (GLB)

Globe (GLB)

Globe (GLB)/Ardingly

Spring Small Boats Head 2011 - Report

Competing crews at this year's Spring Small Boats Head saw cold but benign conditions: a very slight upstream current and a supportive light tailwind both contributing to fast times all round. Most crews managed to beat their Autumn Head times by a good 30 seconds.

The quality of this year's river rowing events was significantly strengthened by strong contingents from Lea, Thames Rowing Club and the University of Kent who took a significant share of the medal haul (7, 4 and 4 wins respectively), which reduced MIRC's tally to just 5, when we usually achieve 10 to 15.

That said, we produced some strong and encouraging performances.

Our Men's senior performance crew of Hampshire, Nicholls, Hynes and Mollison - coxed by Laura McGrillen destroyed all comers winning the fastest boat pennant and beating the closest opposition by 43 seconds in a time of 8.24.

The Mens IM4+ blasting their way down the course 43 seconds faster than everyone else.

Chris and Matt from of our IM1 4+ Crew pick up the pennant for Fastest Boat

Iddendon and Marlow just managed to hold off a strong Novice 2x field with a time of 9.53.

The Masters C4+ of Hodgkinson, Barton, Evans and Bennett - coxed by Danielle James in her first ever competition won an all MIRC Masters C/D/E competition in 9.56.

3 of the winning Masters C 4+ Crew

Huggins and Abraham rowing at Masters D2x won the D/E/F competition in 9.57.

Our Novice four of Blamey, Hermann, Arschott and Slade - coxed by Lois Birrell were in an unusually large field of 10 crews, and were just pipped into 2nd place by one of University of Kent's 4 Novice crews.  They came 8th fastest overall with a strong time of 9.29.

Included in that field were 2 Mens Masters Novice crews, with average ages of 2.5 times their opposition. The much improved lightweight crew beat their nemeses in the heavyweight novice boat for the first time by 6 seconds.

The Lightweight Novice Masters.  Darren and Jez need to square earlier!

The Juniors picked up one win: Fish and McConchie in the WJ162x with an impressive 11.04.

A couple of neat Junior doubles.

Fish and McConchie winning the WJ162x event
The event went very smoothly: no one fell in (to my knowledge), organisation was efficient, and fun was had by all. Well done to all rowers, the Race Committee and the many helpers and supporters. The BBQ worked non stop and made a very healthy £845 profit.

Thanks to Richard "Thor" Baldwin, Darren Prentice and Geraint Evans for the photos.  Please feel free to send me any more pics of winning crews etc. and I will post them.

Maidstone Invicta Small Boats Head Sunday 6th March 2011 - Draw

DIVISION 1- 9.30am

1 S Hampshire/M Nicholls/L Haynes/C Mollinson/cox L McGrillien Maidstone Invicta RC IM14+
2 F Moncrieff/G Huyghues-Despointes/I Jones/T Bone/cox C Morton Medway Towns RC IM34+
3 S Webb/N Paterson/M Frayling-Cork/S Cumming/cox C Joyce Kent University RC IM34+
4 A Cahill/T Hollick/J Pellet/K Cahill/cox A Pepper Bexhill RC CoastalS4+
5 H Brown/P Spencer/C Hanna/A Dhindsa/cox R Kemlo Medway Towns RC N4+
6 J Haigh/D Forder/D Humphries/T Bryant/cox J Bore Lea RC N4+
127 H Blamey/B Hermmenn/O Arscott/R Wood/cox L Burrell Maidstone Invicta RC N4+
7 G Anderson/D Renner/S Tomlinson/A Pepper/cox R Garland Bexhill RC CoastalN4+
8 G Hodgkinson/O Barton/G Evans/S Bennett/cox D James Maidstone Invicta RC MC4+
9 L Johnson/L Taylor/C Hogg/E Fidler/cox K Poval Maidstone Invicta RC WIM34+
10 D Hills/N Smith/S Povey/S Bareham/cox M Lewandowski Shoreham RC  CoastalWS4+
11 S Bromley/I Partridge/A O'Leary/J Young/cox E Diment Worthing RC CoastalWJ4+
12 L Leach/E Joyce/E Everson/S Hughes/cox E Rees Worthing RC CoastalWJ4+
13 A Cooper/S Johnson/S Beecham/P Mester/cox B Webster Gravesend RC WMD4+
14 F Stangel/F Ting/E Cross/C Lawless/cox C Marshall Kent University RC WN4+
15 A Farrell/H Robinson/L Woods/C Page/cox R Flynn Kent University RC WN4+
16 L OCallaghan/B Fish/S McConchie/L Gilchrist/cox C Gilchrist Maidstone Invicta RC WJ164x+
17 R Seakins/H Gilliland/M Warren/E Sands/coxL Gilliland Bewl Bridge RC WJ164x+
18 J Willers Moore/T Coido/H Peacock/E Johnson/cox K Jessop Lea RC WJ154x+
19 E Smith/B Prentice/E Bishop/C Doran/cox D Huttons Bewl Bridge RC WJ144x+
20 M Russell/S Martin Medway Towns RC MB2x
21 J Knight/M Tompkins Maidstone Invicta RC MB2x
22 G Mitchel-Hill/G Semark Medway Towns RC N2x
23 L Iddenden/S Marlow Maidstone Invicta RC N2x
24 A Uddin/T Bolton Lea RC J182x
25 H Reynolds/M Watson Bewl Bridge RC J172x
26 A Collins/J Grace Maidstone Invicta RC J152x
27 D McAteer/D Keigher Lea RC J142x
28 H Gabrial/C Mould Maidstone Invicta RC IM32-
29 A Roberts/J Blackledge Kent University RC Nov2-
30 A Page/T Faith Shoreham RC  Coastal2-
31 K Mulligan/N Linyard Lea RC WJ182x
32 A Paterson/R Stuart Ardingly RC WJ152x
33 T McConchie/A Terry Maidstone Invicta RC WJ142x
34 A Purvis/A de Relke Ardingly RC WJ142x
35 P McCorry Bexhill RC CoastalJ1x
36 N McCorry Bexhill RC CoastalJ1x
37 P Smith Worthing RC CoastalN1x
38 F Dampety Lea RC J181x
39 L Downes Lea RC J181x
40 A Boudiaf Lea RC J161x
41 N Connell Lea RC J161x
42 J Harris Maidstone Invicta RC J151x
43 R Porter Maidstone Invicta RC J151x
44 J Baxter Lea RC WMD1x
45 C Ellis Kings School Canterbury BC WIM31x
46 K Dampster Lea RC WJ181x
47 E Craig Bewl Bridge RC WJ181x
48 S Ruffell Lea RC WJ171x
49 S Perkins Kings School Canterbury BC WJ171x
50 M Rolph Kings School Canterbury BC WJ161x
51 M Tucker Ardingly RC WJ141x

DIVISION 2- 11.30am

60 B Egan/N Johnson/JP Adkins/R Allen/cox C Horton Medway Towns RC IM34+
61 I Jones/D Kergall/M Johnson/T Powell/Z Szotyori Medway Towns RC IM34+
62 B Slater/G Anderson/D Renner/A Cahill/cox J Cropper Bexhill RC CoastalS4+
63 D Jones/G Payne/C Doswell/A Bickers/cox J Campbell Bexhill RC CoastalM4+
64 M Lewandowski/D Yates/M Green/J Tilley/cox N Smith Shoreham RC  CoastalN4+
65 J Scholz/M Rees/P Spells/T Keatley/cox L Leach Worthing RC CoastalN4+
66 B Kleine Deters/G Snape/P Kingsley/W Butler/cox T Simmonds Maidstone Invicta RC MD4+
67 C King/G Thomas/N Lane/A Dent/cox J Fisher Kent University RC N4+
68 D Purchase/S Norman/T Mason/J Massey/cox T ThaIn Maidstone Invicta RC MN4+
69 D Hepburn/A Kendall-White/B Redding/M Norman/cox R Dennehey Kent University RC N4+
70 N Mather/A Tanwar/B Brierly/O Christian/cox J Bore Lea RC N4+
71 L Emanuel/C Soan/D Westwood/M Halahan/cox C Marshall Kent University RC N4+
72 J Hingley/M Rudd/G Carvalho/L Bird/cox B Slingsby Thames RC J154x+
73 W Game/S Haider/J Britton/A DeNeiff/cox H Higgins Bewl Bridge RC J154x+
74 L Slingsby/O Bird/O Lovell-White/A Turbul/cox J Lee Thames RC J144x+
75 E Diment/E Day/G Stoner/E Rees/cox E Joyce Worthing RC CoastalWS4+
76 R Stuart/D Hills/S Povey/S Bareham/cox J Tilley Shoreham RC  CoastalWJ4+
77 L Simpson/R Ward-Jackson/R Holbrook/L Matthews/cox K Crous Lea RC WN4+
78 T Mc Conchie/A Terry/S Raggett/L Gilliland/cox Maidstone/Bewl WJ144x+
79 A Abadjieva/V Leigh/E Plunkett/S Young/cox S Rogers Kings School Canterbury BC WJ134x+
80 C Mollison/M Nicholls Maidstone Invicta RC IM22-
81 F Dampety/L Downes Lea RC J182x
82 A Brown/G Pughe Kings School Canterbury BC J182x
83 R Porter/J Harris Maidstone Invicta RC J152x
84 N Hastings/L Ewart Kings School Canterbury BC J152x
85 G Semark/M Penney Medway Towns RC ME2x
86 R Chapman/A Marshall Maidstone Invicta RC MF2x
87 T Shepard/J Stokes Kent University RC N2-
88 B Heaton/A Richter Medway Towns RC WN2x
89 Spare
90 L May/G Nightingale Bewl Bridge RC WJ162x
91 L Maunsell/L Gilchrist Maidstone Invicta RC WJ152x
92 A Delderfield/S Judd Maidstone Invicta RC WJ162-
93 M Carter-Edwards/C Chiarin Thames RC WJ142x
94 C Allen/C Grussing Thames RC WJ142x
95 P McCorry Bexhill RC CoastalJ1x
96 M Holden Worthing RC CoastalMC1x
97 M Maunsell Bewl Bridge RC MC1x
98 K Phillips Bewl Bridge RC ME1x
99 A Collins Maidstone Invicta RC J151x
100 A Davison Thames RC J181x
101 D Ogonyoye Thames RC J181x
102 N Thomas Kings School Canterbury BC J151x
103 T Johnson Lea RC J151x
104 J Grace Maidstone Invicta RC J151x
105 A Salmon Ardingly RC J151x
106 J Cirenza Lea RC J151x
107 J Cole-Hossain Thames RC WJ181x
108 H O'Riordon Thames RC WJ161x
109 A Botterill Lea RC MI1x
110 E Booth Lea RC WJ141x
111 E Simonds-Gooding Thames RC WJ141x

DIVISION 3- 1.30pm

120 S Webb/N Paterson/M Frayling-Cork/S Cumming/cox G Casson Kent University RC IM24+
121 A Welling/T Hollick/J Pellet/K Cahill/cox A Pepper Bexhill RC CoastalS4+
122 Z Lees/A Page/M Green/T Faith/cox D Hills Shoreham RC  CoastalJ/S4+
123 P Spells/J Crockett/A Crockett/P Smith/cox E Diment Worthing RC CoastalJ/S4+
124 D Jones/G Payne/C Doswell/A Bickers/cox J Campbell Bexhill RC CoastalM4+
125 C Long/T Fuller/A Leeson/A Rickwood/cox A Barker Maidstone Invicta RC ME4+
126 T Shepard/J Stokes/A Roberts/J Blackledge/cox J Fisher Kent University RC N4+
128 A Machin/R Baldwin/ P Tenters/D Prentice/cox T Simmonds Maidstone Invicta RC MN4+
129 R Porter/A Collins/J Harris/J Grace/cox C Gilchrist Maidstone Invicta RC J154x+
130 P Rose/D Huttons/J Grey/V Game/cox L May Bewl Bridge RC J134x+
131 A Cooper/S Johnson/S Beecham/P Mester/cox B Webster Gravesend RC WIM34+
132 S Moseley/E Robinson/S Corbett/J Stoddart/cox R Flynn Kent University RC WIM34+
133 S Motture/J Issitt/M Clarke/K Crous/E Vernall/cox L Matthews Lea RC WN4+
134 D King/L Guest/E Joyce/A Knutley/cox E Rees Worthing RC CoastalWN4+
135 A Mexted/J Voss/H Reynolds/M Watson/cox H Higgins Bewl Bridge RC WJ184x+
136 A Purvis/A Paterson/M Tucker/R Stuart/D Fowler Ardingly RC WJ154x+
137 C Grussing/E Simonds-Gooding/C Allen/M Carter-Edwards/cox C Chirin  Thames RC WJ144x+
138 G Evans/O Barton Maidstone Invicta RC MC2x
139 H Abraham/R Huggins Maidstone Invicta RC MD2x
140 T Powell/D Kergall Medway Towns RC N2x
141 F Moncrieff/T Bore Medway Towns RC N2x
142 A Uddin/T Bolton Lea RC J172x
143 T Johnson/J Cirenza Lea RC J152x
144 B Slingsby/J Lee Thames RC J142x
145 L Slingsby/A Turbul/ Thames RC J142x
146 S Harvey/K Tatchell Kent University RC WIM12x
147 A Mason/C Ellis University of Kent/Kings School Canterbury  WIM32x
148 B Fish/S McConchie Maidstone Invicta RC WJ162x
149 L Richards/M Rolph Bewl Bridge RC WJ162x
150 T Coido/H Peacock Lea RC WJ152x
151 J Schlicter/J Willers Moore Lea RC WJ142x
152 H O'Riordon/J Cole-Hossain Thames RC WJ182-
153 M Johnson Medway Towns RC IM11x
154 G Anderson Bexhill RC CoastalN1x
155 B Slater Bexhill RC CoastalN1x
156 P Flassen Maidstone Invicta RC J161x
157 J Hingley Thames RC J151x
158 M Rudd Thames RC J151x
159 H Skinner Lea RC J141x
160 D Fowler Shoreham RC  J141x
161 O Lovell-White Thames RC J141x
162 D McAteer Lea RC J141x
163 O Bird Thames RC J141x
164 D Keigher Lea RC J141x
165 E Craig Bewl Bridge RC WIM21x
166 L McGrillien Maidstone Invicta RC WIM31x
167 B Heaton Medway Towns RC WN1x
168 A Davison/D Ogonyoye Thames RC WJ181x
169 A De Reike Bewl Bridge RC WJ141x

Please note that each crew will need to have empacher slot number as well as vest number and there is a returnable deposit of £5.00.  Boats without numbers will not be allowed to race.

In each Division, crews will be called in groups in REVERSE order so as to ease congestion at the start.  Please only boat when your number has been called.

Molesey Veterans Head - 2011

Despite the small field of 60 boats, Molesey Veterans Head is an important step in our run up to the Vesta Veterans Head on April 3rd. For the first time over the winter season, we can finally match up against some of opposition that we will meet in the summer, and see where we are in the big picture.

Veteran rowing can be unpredictable. You can never really tell who will turn up. So on this squally, ugly day in London, our Vet D Eight ran up against some of the tougher crews in that category: including Crabtree (Cambridge University Allumni), Tideway Scullers, Molesey and Quintin in a field of 9. Some may remember that we put up 2 scratch crews for a giggle at the Vet Nat Champs last year, and were shown the door by these crews finishing 4 or 5 lengths down.

On the other hand the two Vet Novice crews (again) found no opposition, were promoted to rowing Open Vet C and Vet D. Strangely there was still no opposition, and so played out a private match betweeen themselves.

The Vet E 4+ were lone in coming across 2 other crews of relatively known quantity, particularly Walbrook who had beaten them at Weybridge last month.

Molesey is a great Venue and we should go again next year. The 3k course on a fast stream is nice and short, the river is picturesque; and afterwards, you can wallow in the history of the club in it's superb clubhouse facilities.

The Heavyweight Novices rowing Vet C won the private match in a very decent time of 10.51. Comparisons are few, but when you consider bonafide Open vet C coxless boats were only 20-30 seconds faster, the crew are demonstrating that they can play reasonably well at Open level. If only we can find them some Novice competition.

Heavies getting ready.

The moment of the day came when, ignoring the polite and orderly collection of Shields at the awards ceremony, our boys mobbed the poor 82 old prize-giver from Molesey to uproarous cheers from their fellow out-of-town yokels in the corner... Will we be invited back again?!

Roger Mobbs: "I must be dreaming!".

Despite dragging David "The Bishop" Usher from retirement, the very scratch lightweight novices rowing Vet D came in at 11.53. Moves are afoot to rejuvenate the crew.

The Vet E 4+ came 3rd out of 3 with a time of 11.13, again Walbrook won their category. Timewise, they are in the right ballpark, and are not being blown away by the opposition, but have lost a bit of power while Mark "loved-up" Diessner is on his sabbatical from rowing. Chris Long is manfully trying to redress this with a lot of technical training for the crew.

The Vet D Eight did well. The Mobbs' are providing some excellent coaching/coxing support, and have used old-fashioned, tried and trusted methods like sticking straws 3" above the gunnel to help control hand heights.

The crew captain (who shall not be named), confidently predicted them cruising through Kingston and Bewl, but being hunted down by Molesey, Quintin and Tideway Scullers, and there was discussion about what to do with the inevitable logjam halfway down the course. Of course almost the reverse happened. While Bewl kept ahead, the Eight did cruise past Kingston Grammar School Vets; but more satisfactorily, Molesey and Tideway Scullers made no impression and Quintin seemed to be going backwards.

Vet D Eight

It was a good row, and we know there is more to come as the squad continue to refine itself technically. We came 4th out of 9 in a time of 9.43: 8 seconds behind Tideway Scullers and 1 second behind Weybridge, but beating Molesey by 4 seconds, and the rest of the field by a decent margin. As expected Crabtree beat everybody by a good 30 seconds.

A great day and another win for the Vets was rounded off by watching us beat the French in the rugby. Thanks as ever to the long suffering coxes: Roger and Sue Mobbs, Tim Simmons and Andrea Barker.