Cambridge Autumn - 2012

MIRC won 8 races at Cambridge Autumn this year.

The wins were:

Mens Junior 18 2x
Mixed Junior 18 2x
Mixed Junior 17 2x
Senior Women Nov 2x
Senior IM3 1x
Masters A Nov 1x
Masters B 1x
Masters B 2x

Lewin and James celebrating their Masters B 2x win

Getting the most out of the Website

The stats are showing us that more and more people are visiting the website as time goes on, which is great news.

I thought it would be good to point out some of the hidden gems.

Never ask when the next regatta is again.

On the Competition Page at the top, you will see the calendar which is regularly updated with our target races. It is really easy to embed this into your own calendar, whether it is Outlook or a web based calendar such as in Hotmail, Google or Yahoo.

The instructions for each will be different - here are a sample of the main calendars.

Go to the Calendar.
In the menu near the top, click on 'subscribe'
In the Calendar URL box enter:
Give it a name.

Go to to your Calendar
On the left pane under 'Other Calendars' - type into the box:
Hit enter - job done.

Yahoo Mail
Go to your Calendar
In the left hand pane click the + next to subscribed
Enter in the box:
Hit enter - job done.

Outlook (latest version)
Go to Calendar
Click the Open Calendar icon in the ribbon at the top
Click 'from the internet'

Enter in the box:
Hit enter - job done.

Now your calendar will be automatically updated with the MIRC Racing Calendar.


If you haven't already, please subscribe to the noticeboard.  You will be asked if you want email updates when a new notice is posted.  We strongly recommend you accept this as it will will enable you to be kept bang up to date with any developments without having to navigate to the website.

Online Booking System

Our online boat booking system is now up and running (under 'Useful Rowing Links' in the right hand pane).  If you want to ensure that a boat is available for your crew, then please use it.

River Conditions

You know the feeling, you get up at 6am for that 7am row (well I don't, but the seniors do), and you look out the window and it is blowing a gale in arctic conditions.  What to do? Dive under the covers and possibly let the crew down, or check if weather will give you a break?

Well also under 'Useful Rowing Links' in the right hand pane, you will be able to get pretty up to date info on if the river is Green or not by clicking the Medway Weather Conditions website run by Allington Lock.  Still in doubt, then check in with your coach.