Henley 2012 Qualifiers

MIRC put in 3 crews for Henley Qualification this year, with excellent results:

The junior quad travelled to the Henley Royal Regatta qualifiers on Friday aiming to grab a place in the Fawley Cup. In blustery conditions, the predominantly J16 crew (in a J18 event), performed admirably, battling through the strong headwind against crews quite literally twice their size. In the end, the boys just missed out on qualification but finished 4th out of the non-qualifiers, 7s off and a fantastic 12/25 crews overall. Given that 3 of the 4 boys have 2 years left, it looks increasingly promising that we will have a Junior Fawley quad competing at Henley in the next couple of years.

 The quad was from stroke, Jack Grace, Jake Harris, Pierre Flasse, Ross Porter.

The Wyfold 4 of Tim Grant, Morgan Hellen, Ryan Mitchell and David Porter, meanwhile, has had some mixed results over the past few weeks. After a rigger fell off in the first 100m of their race at Marlow, they somehow still managed to pre-qualify for HRR and were therefore not required to race on Friday. This has allowed them more time to prepare and they have been cruising up and down the Medway, picking up speed daily since. The draw for HRR has now been made and they will be up against Tyne RC for their first race on Wednesday.

Meanwhile our coxless pair of Matt Nicholls and Chris Mollison successfully negotiated qualifying for the The Silver Goblets & Nickalls' Challenge Cup in the dreadful stream and wind conditions.

Well done everyone, we look forward to seeing you at Henley!

Helen Taylor


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Marlow Regatta - 2012

MIRC crews were in action again over the Marlow weekend (17/18 June) with mixed results.

On Saturday, in difficult, windy conditions, Chris Mollison and Matt Nicholls continued their excellent Henley campaign with a win in the Senior 2-

Our other 2 Henley hopeful crews had a little less luck.  The 4- with Morgan Hellen, Tim Grant, David Porter and Ryan Mitchell had equipment failure and did not race.

The J16 4x having an early challenge for Henley came in 4th in their heat of 5 in the J18 4x competition with a strong time of 7.16. Good prospects for the future.

On Sunday, two Masters crews played.  Ray Philips dipped his toe in a very strong Masters E1x field and came last. 

The Masters D8+ (ably coxed by Sue Hamilton on loan from Minerva Bath) had a strong row (according to the bow four) and a rushed rating of 36 (according to the stern four). Their new improved start paid dividends and they kept with the leaders: Bewdley and Marlow, all the way to the finish. A positive sign was that our traditional MIRC Masters fade seems to have been eliminated - and they had the fastest second half than the other crews. These 3 crews finished within 2 seconds of each other. Unfinished business for Henley Masters perhaps?

Nottingham City, Metropolitan and Peterborough Regattas - 2012

The regatta season continues with more success for MIRC with Novice crews "popping their cherries"!

Nottingham City Regatta

The seniors gained two victories at Nottingham.  Chris Mollison and Matt Nicholls continued preparation for the henley campaign with a win in the IM1 2-, and the Novice Quad won convincingly with a fast time of 7.02 over the 2000m quad (pictures and names of the latter from someone would be good).

Metropolitan Regatta

No wins this time, but a couple of encouraging 2nd places at this top regatta.  Our Henley IM1 4- were beaten into second place by a dominant Isle of Ely/Rob Roy four, and Mollison and Nicholls came 2nd in the Senior 2-.  good preparation for Henley.

Peterborough Regatta

The Masters C crew of Jez Massey, Darren Prentice, Bob Barwick and Ali Machin - coxed by Dani James won their novice pot in the Open (Masters A) category.  A write up may be on its way...

Pictures stolen from people's facebooks.

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