Club Kit - 2012

Club training and racing kit is supplied by Crewroom. As our kit is custom made, we normally collate orders two or three times a year. Club members will be notified via the Noticeboard when our ordering window is open.

Our full range of kit can be viewed and ordered online:

Should you require more information please contact Matt Nicholls.

Masters National Championships - 2012

Well it didn't rain this year, and it wasn't too windy, which are the norm arrangements for Nottingham in May.  But it was absolutely perishing, and a very long day for us old folks that made it up there.

Maidstone put in 5 crews this year.  The established Vet D8+ in both Open and IM3 configurations; the established Vet C4+ that won gold last year in IM3 deciding to see what life was like at Open; and a couple of experimental crews: a Vet A4x and a Vet C4x.

The Vet C4x consisting of Mark Tompkins, Lewin Hynes, Ray Philips and James Knight looked an intriguing and possible medal winning combination combining the age and determination of Mr Philips with the youth and raw power of the other 3.  And indeed, they fought well in a very tough field, coming a close 4th in the heat, in 3.20 and 5th in the final

I hope we see more of them this year.

Some neat rowing from the C4x

The Vet A4x was the same combination, but this time Will replacing Ray, also looked a strong unit, and it looked like they might deliver a silver in their straight final when Mark did what sometimes happens to the best of us, he crabbed a total boat stopper at about the 750m mark.  By the time they had got going again, they had been passed by the rest of the field and trailed in last.

Again - worth continuing with the experiment I think.

The Open D8+ came to the race with a very strong start to the season including 3 Head wins and 5th of all UK crews in their category at the Vets Head of the River.  The only problem being that the 4 that beat them: Quintin, Peterborough, Bewdley and Upper Thames all came to the Championships too!  They were fully aware that this would be very difficult, particularly when a rather scary Northern Irish composite were in the field, along with Nottingham (no slackers), Dart Totnes and Loughborough.

Kudos to the crew, who after an awful start (more anon) rowed though Loughborough and Peterborough (yes the very same Peterborough who kept handing our backsides to us all last season), to make the Final in a fast time of 3.13.

Of course the Final was even harder, and they were just pipped to 5th place by Bewdley (0.3 seconds) after rowing through Nottingham, after another pretty poor start.  You can see a pattern evolving here.  Quintin won again.

The Open Vet D 8+.  Its a similar picture to the one last year in the Final, but Quintin aren't far off this time!

The Vet D IM3 8+ had just 3 replacements from the Open version.  We knew they would be competitive, simply because times in training and races proved they were not much slower (1 second slower at the Thames Valley Trial Head).  It's not as stable a platform as the Open 8+, but there is a lot of grunt there.  In fact, the only thing that really worried them in their field of 5 in the straight final was there was a Vet E crew in there (Star/Isle of Ely) with a 7 second head start.

They should not have worried though.  After a shaky start (hmm heard that before), they kicked off hard and fast, chasing down the Star composite and leaving the rest of the field (Reading, Tees, Champion of the Thames and Broxborne) well in their wake.

By 750, they had overhauled Star and cruised to a fairly easy victory in a net time of 3.19.

GOLD - Hurrah!

Apologies for the overexcited noises from the cameraman...

The Vet D IM3 8+ From left Gerraint Evans, Steve Bickers, Paul Kane, Richard Ridgway, Graeme Hodgkinson, Greg Snapes, Mark Deissner, Ollie Barton.

and Andi the cox, winning her first proper regatta in style!

Last up, the Vet C4+.   Hmm, let me think, 5 points in the boat, 3 years shy of Vet D, no training, final of the Nat Champs....  Nuff said.

Finally, this is where we say goodbye to Steve Bickers for the time being, whose commute to the club and work commitments have managed to get in the way.

Shame, he is going to miss the intensive Start training!


Gentlemen, Henley is just round the corner and one of these could double up at Annual Dinners instead of boring old DJs. Walters of Oxford are able to produce pukka Rowing Blazers in our colours. We have two designs.

1.  A Black Blazer (Wool/Poly mix) with alternating lilac and white piping on the lapels and trims.  The club badge would be embroidered onto the breast pocket
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2.  A Cream Blazer (Wool) as above but with the piping colours being alternating lilac and black. Retail  £219.99 +postage 

We don't have a mock up but imagine the white piping on this blazer is lilac and our crest is on the pocket, and you will get the picture.

If we can secure 10 orders (in either colour) we get a 10% discount.

Also Boater Ribbons in Black and Lilac can be ordered for £10.  A proper Boater comes in at £40 (but cheaper can be had elsewhere.

If interested, please contact ME with your preference, and fill in the fitting form HERE by Friday 18th May.

Go on treat yourself.  Once in a lifetime, and it you will be forced to keep the same size for the rest of your life!

Head of the River, Lea Spring, Wallingford Regattas - 2012

Quick Reports from other entries this Spring.

Head of the River

The Senior Men put in two Eights at the annual HORR which fielded 399 entries.  Both playing at IM2, the first Eight finished a very strong 91st - 18th in a category of 74 - that's top quartile!  The time was fast too, at 19.18.13 only 30 seconds or so slower that the category winner (London RC).

The second eight came 240th and 52nd in category.

Lea Spring

The only MIRC representation was with Tony Marshall who raced in a composite double with Keith Jones from the Bewl.  The status was Vet G - That's 65-70.  They won the straight final against Lea by 1.5 lengths.

Wallingford Regatta

3 days after leaving his crutches behind, Chris Mollison rejoined Matt Nicholls in the Elite Pairs at Wallingford.  They came a plucky 5th in the 6 lane final.


Note everyone, if I am not there, I can't do a report, so please feel free to send me your race reports and photos.