Pairs Head - 2013

The day of the Pairs Head (Sunday 13th October) was the day that the indian summer decided to call it a day; with temperatures plummeting, winds rising and rain varying from light drizzle to light downpour all day long.  It was a different world after last weeks' MIRC SBH.

The Head is held on the Thames on a shortened championship course from Chiswick bridge to Hammersmith bridge - 4,000 metres.  It is a big event, this year attracting 435 of some of the UK's top pairs and doubles.

The planned representation of 4 Maidstone crews dwindled to 2 with Lewin and James (B2x) crying off because of various ailments and Keith and Ray (G2x) crying off because, well, because they can ;).

Chris Mollison and Matt Nicholls entered their first race of the campaign after laying off for pretty much the past year, and rediscovered just how difficult it is in the Senior category.  Their pair came in 5th out of 7 and 95th overall in a time of 13.07.86.

The Masters D2x pairing of Geraint Evans and Richard Huggins continued to surprise everyone including themselves with a creditable 3rd out of 9, finishing 158th in 13.34.50.

MIRC competitors take note: crew kit colour coordination looks good!

Maidstone Autumn Small Boats Head - Oct 2013

This year's autumn race was held on a truly beautiful indian summer's day with calm waters, still winds and a full entry.

The Head's organisation is now honed to close to perfection given the constraints of our narrow, bendy stretch of water, resulting in a well run day, plenty of volunteers and only one capsizing (to my knowledge).  But then, what is the MIRC Small Boats Head without a capsize or two?

real life capsize drill

Mr Porter enjoys the river too!

The club brought home 4 victories - 3 of which came in the top ten times of the 190 strong field.

They were:

James Knight and Lewin Hynes (Lewin sporting his Kings School Canterbury colours) in the Masters B2x winning the BCD2x category against opposition from MIRC, Kings Canterbury and Medway. Impressively, they came 3rd overall with a time of 8.52.  An excellent achievement for a veteran double.

The Masters also came 7th in the Masters D4x+ in the DEF4x+ category (their third win of this event in a row).  Ollie Barton, Geraint Evans, Ray Philips and Richard Huggins were coxed by Andi Barker, and came in with their best time to date (9.02) against another MIRC D4x+ and an Erith F4x+.

Ross Porter and Jack Grace came 8th in the J182x event against Globe, Ardingley and Gravesend in a time of 9.10, which also won them the pennant for fastest Junior boat.

Finally, the juniors rowing in the Novice 4+ event of Tom Long, Dan Singer, Frederick English, Dom Tinker and coxed by Sam Rogers came 20th in 9.38 beating a strong field consisting of 2 crews apiece from Kings Canterbury and Gravesend, Herne Bay and a fellow MIRC crew.  No photo of them - has anyone got one?

Well done everyone!

See below some pics from the event.  Thanks to Susan Warren, Andi Barker and Alan Leeson.

all action by the club!